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Re: stall running

In a message dated 11/27/98 12:56:52 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< I am surprised at you Heidi??????? I would have expected more from
 someone who states that they have around (practiced on the track) and
 understands the racetrack vernacular. One that knows the business knows
 that only healthy horses win (make money for their owners) and that
 unhealthy horses only cost their owners money. According to class of the
 horse and where he/she is running can a horse win if they are below
 100%. Tom didn't say what class this horse was in or what class they
 expected him/her to be racing in.If this horse is an allowance horse and
 is running for 10K claiming then he/she needs to be fixed,but if the
 horse is an allowance horse and is winning in allowance company
 ,,,,,,what are you going to fix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a horse racing in the PNW that has had 7 wins at various levels--none
of which put  it in a category of "allowance" at any decent racetrack. Still,
it is a useful horse, fit and sound and profitable for its owner. 

I've now checked all the way back and found that this horse as a baby would
run around its mother in the stall. A hyperactive kid has become a hyperactive

The problem is that all our early warning systems' alarms are
ringing--elevated muscle enzymes and monocyte counts, a thermographic
Christmas tree, etc. We claimed the horse to start all over with it and build
it into a better performer. But we have to solve this problem first, and I now
have a few ideas to try, thanks to this group. 

It is my belief that there is no horse racing in the world, interval trained
or not,  that cannot be improved significantly--certainly up to nine years of


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