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stall runners

> Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1998 22:29:09 -0500
> From: lpopp <>
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> Subject: Racing horses and making money....
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> I was so angered by this post I felt I had to respond.  This is an
> Endurance riders listserve.  I am totally opposed to horse racing and to
> exploiting ANY animal for a dollar.  If I wanted to hear about horse
> abuse, I would have joined a horse-racing listserve.   This thread is
> not appropriate to Ridecamp.  Lisa
> > 
> > Carl writes;
> > I am on both ends of the racehorse business and turning out costs the
> > owner a lot of money(me,for instance),one reason to make some kind of a
> > tentative diagnosis . You realize that turning out a horse that is
> > racing can lose for the owner up to three or four months of training
> > bills,which relates to New York @ $85-100 /day,Chicago @ $75-90/day.
> > Where are you turning out ?????Florida or South Carolina swamps.
> > On the other hand, if this horse has been doing this for years and has
> > been winning , why try to fix what's making money when so many don't
> > make money. If he/she was in my stable and was making money it could run
> > around the stall all it wanted to,that is until it stoped making
> > money!!!!!!
> >
Carl writes;
This post was in refersance to a running post about a horse that T.Ivers
was recommending to be turned out before a diagnosis was made,however
Tom had failed to mention the fact that the horse had been doing this
for several years while winning races. This then completely turned my
medical recommendations out to pasture. As a practicing veterinarian
,retired from racetrack practice, and as a thouroughbred owner as well
as an ex-jockey I know the value(it amounts to thousands of dollars) of
turning a horse out that is ready to race as well as one that is
stalling off and needs to be turned out for a deserved rest. 
I think your comments are way off track,undeserving and delievered from
a position of one without knowledge of the racing(thouroughbred as well
as endurance racing) sport and the ancillaries that compormise the
interface of the equine sports,i.e. the up and coming WEG'S being held
at DuBai.
The racing game has been around for 5 or more centuries(how about you)
for good or bad.I especially don't agree with many of the ways that the
race horses are handled but in the majority of cases they (horses) are
treated better than their human counterparts.
Tom,help me with this gal!!!!!!!!

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