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Jr. Riders list

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From: CMNewell, DVM 

"Wasn't trying to start a war, just thought it meshed well with Susan G's
experience that she'd posted.

I am a wicked, wicked person so I am putting myself on 2 weeks probation
as punishment.  Consider me banished from ridecamp."

I'm not warring--just irritated that
you essentially did the same thing 
to the jr. riders that you faulted
them for--making statements without
sufficient knowledge of the subject.

These kids are not all polished semi-
adult riders--lots of them are young
and still dreaming of someday owning
a horse, or have limited experience
in any discipline other than the one
they started out in.

Making fun of them is like ridiculing
a rookie on her first ride, instead of
giving a bit of helpful advice.

Anyhow, I consider the matter ended, and
am glad you checked back to see that there is a lot of good material on that list--especially the kids helping each 
other out.

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