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Racing horses and making money....

I was so angered by this post I felt I had to respond.  This is an
Endurance riders listserve.  I am totally opposed to horse racing and to
exploiting ANY animal for a dollar.  If I wanted to hear about horse
abuse, I would have joined a horse-racing listserve.   This thread is
not appropriate to Ridecamp.  Lisa

> Carl writes;
> I am on both ends of the racehorse business and turning out costs the
> owner a lot of money(me,for instance),one reason to make some kind of a
> tentative diagnosis . You realize that turning out a horse that is
> racing can lose for the owner up to three or four months of training
> bills,which relates to New York @ $85-100 /day,Chicago @ $75-90/day.
> Where are you turning out ?????Florida or South Carolina swamps.
> On the other hand, if this horse has been doing this for years and has
> been winning , why try to fix what's making money when so many don't
> make money. If he/she was in my stable and was making money it could run
> around the stall all it wanted to,that is until it stoped making
> money!!!!!!

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