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Re: eavesdropping on show set

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From: Kris Carroll 

Angela C. McGhee ( wrote:
Hey guys, just happened to read a post on the "Junior Riders Digest"
which I subscribed to for my daughters and they promptly began deleting
religiously once they found out it was a bunch of little EVEN-TORS
comparing how much bute they give their horses every day.  The word
"endurance" caught my eye and I read this little exchange.  Make your
blood boil?

A bunch of kids, the majority of which are aged 8-15, having a first 
exposure to cross disciplines outside their own little barnyard, getting
their first taste of the internet and an international equestrian 
community makes your blood boil? Get a grip, lady. This would be funny if it weren't so mean spirited. I hope you're a bit more tolerant of you own childrens' learning curve  than you are of others. Sheesh.

Kris Carroll
Horse Country 
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