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Looking for Mr. Rright (Right Stud)


My name is Morning Promise and I'm an Arabian mare.  My owner left for work,
and I sneaked into the house to use the Internet.  I'm a Kemosabi
granddaughter.  I'm only about 14.2 hands, but I have a heart of gold.  I have
a great disposition, and I'm not afraid on anything.  Of course I do give
bears a second look.  I'm looking for that perfect stud.  I want him to be
tall (16 hands would be nice) to maybe make our baby taller than me.  I'm
looking for excellent bone, and of course big beautiful feet.  A Colorado
Fellow would be nice since I also live in Colorado, but artificial    from out
of state is not out of the question.  Of course, he needs to be a proven
performance stud in CTR, endurance, etc.  I'm not prejudice, thus I would
consider non-Arabians.  My owner likes that CTR stuff and has visions of
endurance and low level three day eventing in his aging and feeble mind.

I'm presently taking suitors by resume and/or video for a spring time mating.
I'm a sweet thing looking for Mr. Right (Right Stud).

Morning Promise
(My owner's name is Darrell) 			

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