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New to endurance

I would appreciate any advice you may have to a newcomer or "Newbie"as you
call it.  I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to ride
with Lucie H. and am interested in endurance riding. I have been riding around
in circles for years with Western Pleasure/Hunter horses...Didn't enjoy show
ring horses too much repitition and no distance riding. I had nice horses but
they coudn't hold up on trail riding.   Lucie has been kind enough to let me
ride one of her mares and now I am hooked...trouble is I have got to find a
horse and learn about your sport. I have been reading all the comments on
ridecamp...I already ride with helment & vest so I have no problem there...The
horses I have had have been 16+ hands around 1200lbs. it seems as though your
sport seems to prefer Arabs or Arab mix. What about Thoroughbred/Standardbred
or maybe a Morgan mix? Would they not have the stamina required? I have no
idea I have just seen that most people prefer Arabs.
I would appreciate any information you could give me that would be helpful in
getting started in endurance. I live in SC near Lucie H. Thank you for taking
the time to read this message...

Kristi Dewitt

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