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eavesdropping on show set

Hey guys, just happened to read a post on the "Junior Riders Digest"
which I subscribed to for my daughters and they promptly began deleting
religiously once they found out it was a bunch of little EVEN-TORS
comparing how much bute they give their horses every day.  The word
"endurance" caught my eye and I read this little exchange.  Make your
blood boil?


~~~Endurance @ Olympics~~~
   >I just figured I'd mention this since it was casually brought up.
   >I am strongly against adding Endurance to the Olympics! I
   >don't know if the person who wrote this supports it or not, but
   >anyway...It really doesn't take much skill on the rider's part,

The following is another rider's response.  I must add, I and my
daughters composed one of our own...and referenced Susan Garlinghouse's
little challenge to the Harry Hall set. :-)
That's not true, because you have to be very fit physically and mentally
in order to compete in a 50- or 100-mile race.  Somebody correct me if
I'm wrong, but as I understand it most endurance racers are not rich --
there's not nearly the money in the sport as there is in jumping,
dressage, ect. -- and the people who ride in the races often train their
horses themselves.  This doesn't take skill?  It takes *alot* of workand
planning ahead to get a horse ready to race.    Endurance riders know
more about their horses' health and fitness than most horsepeople do.
Besides, it'd be fun to see another new equestrian sport at the games
that gives some other breeds besides big warmbloods some recognition :-)


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