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Re: eavesdropping on show set

>You are probably as guilty of generalization as the errant youngster

I'm sure, but just like my children's opinions reflect what they hear
from me, I'm sure that kid is reflecting her mentor's attitude.  I think
endurance is a unique situation in that the first time riders often
compete at the same event as the pros.  I wonder how a show event would
look on TV if in between the top riders you caught a glimpse of someone
going around the course for the first time in their life.  

I've toyed with this equitation thing in my mind.  There are some people
who I do not like to watch ride, who seem to do O.K. for thousands of
miles.  Whatever they're doing, it seems to work.  Reminds me of my old
endurance horse.  His conformation was all wrong by book standards...but
he was the the soundest horse in the world.  Hard to argue with results. 
I know I see show ring riders who are so stiff that they'd die in an
endurance ride.

 I've to keep reminding my wife to call it a 'ride', not a
>'race', to be PC.

That's not me talking, that's some other Junior Rider.  Funny thing, back
when I always rode just to get miles, I ALWAYS said "ride".  Now that I
find myself trying to sneak into top 10 occassionally, the word "race"
slips out a lot.  I think it's both, just according who who you're
talking to and what their goal for the day is.


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