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Sore Foot Dilemma Update

Hi everybody,
Many, many thanks to everyone who responded to my post about my old mare
with laminitis.  There were many contacts, ideas, therapies, shoeing
options, and most of all moral support!

Just as a quick update...With the magnetic wraps, she's improved every day
with no relapses!!  She's out of the foot pillows and into easy boots, the
bute and isoxuprine are at half dose and she's walking without any
discomfort.  I put cotton pads soaked in witch hazel and arnica on her soles
for the first week she was in the easy boots which really seemed to help
draw out the inflammation.  I'm also massaging the coronary bands and she
gets her legs wrapped at night which seems to help prevent her morning
stiffness.  Did I say she is also trotting, cantering, bucking, and
squealing at her stablemates??  She's even allowed to go out into the
turnout pasture (you know, the southern California type that has dirt, sand,
and attempts to grow grass if the sprinklers are on?).  If horses could
smile, this one's grinning from ear to ear; bright eyed, happy, and full of

Thanks again to everyone!  Hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving...I
know I have lots to be grateful for!

Barb, Whisper, Wind Dancer, and Katie

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