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RE: Posting ads on ridecamp

Hi Susan,

I don't have a real objection to occasional ads, but want to keep
the list primarily non-commercial. The Endurance Net classifieds are
very active, and I think a much better forum for buying/selling
than a discussion oriented list. If I encouraged folks to post ads
to Ridecamp (or didn't discourage it) I think things would soon get
out of hand. So I just ask that we use the classifieds when possible
and keep ads on Ridecamp to a minimum.


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From: Susan Applegate 

I read and have access to ridecamp only occasionally so if this has been asked and answered please excuse the repetition. I like to read the current ads on e-mail why are they supposed to be posted only in the vendor area? The ads usually are only horses or saddles and appear only one time. I can see if the companies were constantly plugging but the horses and stuff seems more like news that you would talk about around the "ridecamp".  Susan

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