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Re: sports saddle/treeless saddle thing


By all means try the SportsSaddle.  I have been using one since 95 and love
mine.  My horse has completed over 2,000 miles in AERC and SEDRA  and he
almost always has "A" backs.  Prior to using the SS he almost always had a
sore back regardless of the saddle and pads I tried.  I had a really difficult
time fitting this horse as he is low withered, very short and round backed.  I
am a Lightweight rider (however I weigh 145 and am 5' 8" tall).  We have
completed 5 100's this year (including one 2day 100) and have finished every
ride in the top yes you can seriously compete in the SS.  Have to
admit it has held up  a lot better than I anticipated.....seemed like rather
shoddy workmanship and materials.(one of the reasons I held off purchasing one
for so long)....I feel the company is gouging the public....It is not an
$800.00 saddle!!!  There is probably $300 in materials and workmanship..
However it is "to die for comfortable" for you and your horse.....I don''t
think I could ever go back to riding in a "treed" saddle.

You will need to replace the stirrup leathers that come with the saddle (they
put too much bulk under your knee and will tear you up!)....Get the Biothane
leathers.... they make all the difference in the world....and of course ditch
the girth also....a piece of junk....I also use a Biothane "Quick Cinch".

Be sure and get a small enough saddle.....Many people make the mistake of
getting a saddle too large and then don't like it.  You will feel the pommel
and the cantle when you are walking but won't notice it at all at the faster
gaits.  I use a 14 inch saddle.

Good luck,
Cindy Bell
Greenville, Fl
Wameco (going for 100 number 6 this weekend at Carolina 100)

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