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Re: Easy boot as alternative? wrote:
> The ad for the Easy Boot claims that it is an alternative to nail on shoes and
> out lasts them 3 to 1.  Is this true?  I would love to let my horse go
> barefoot this winter, but trail riding forces me to do something about the
> wear and tear. 

I leave my four horses barefoot in the winter unless I plan to compete
in that shoeing cycle. If I'm doing heavy training on hard dry trails,
I'll often shoe the fronts and leave the backs bare, but they often are
barefoot all around and do fine... it depends on trail conditions and my

I use easy boots on when I expect to ride in rocks, if their feet are
getting worn, if they are barefoot and I want to compete them, over
shoes in place of pads.... in other words, when I need to use them. All
four of my horses are very comfortable barefoot behind. Easy boots
provide protection in case I need it.

I shoe horses for convenience, when I don't want to "bother" with easy
boots. I have boots that are 5 years old; what tends to wear out for me
are the cables and snap assemblies, and they can be repaired or
replaced. They are a great product... love them!


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