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re: egg bar shoes

I would not recomend egg bar shoes for a sickle hocked horse.   We have had
a lot of luck using a shoe that has a bit of a trailer on it.  The trailer
only has to be about a 1/2" longer.   The little bit of trailer puts the
center of balance of the hoof back farther and takes the strain off the
hocks.    We have a horse that is doing 50 mile rides and is very sickle
hocked and he does fine like that.   We also have shoeing clients that also
have the sickle hocked horses and with the 1/2" trailer on them you don't
even see any hock strain on the horses.

I'm sure there will be lots of people that won't agree with this.   But I
can only say what has worked for us.  In the 16  years that I have been
with my Farrier (husband)  and all the success he has had since 1957 doing
sickle hocked horses in this manner.

Rebecca--Underwood Enterprizes--1-541-826-9668--Oregon
Home of the Treeless Saddle and other quality horse/mule/donkey and pet
( still down-under in Australia,  we are now selling the Treeless Saddle
and all the other products in Australia.  If people living in Australia
want to see the saddle and other products,  contact Sue Henderson, 
secretary of the endurance riding club V.E.R.A.)

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