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Re: Easy boot as alternative?

To: PsycoPony:  The answer to your Eboot questions depends on your
enviornment. Here in NC, I use Eboots on lots of my barefoot horses all year
round. They do last a long long time, I still use the first pair I bought
about 5 yrs ago!  I used the same pair on a horse for 2 years of conditioning
and riding LD (about 6-8 rides per yr.) I still use the same pair now!  They
have borium chalks you can insert, but I've never needed them.  I am a
barefoot advocate. I and my vet/farrior feel that horses benefit from several
months of being barefoot. The winter is the easiest for me because I don't
ride as much and I don't have to worry about snow buildup in the hoof if they
are barefoot. We don't get much snow/ice, but I don't want to worry about it
when we do get some.  I end up with a better foot in the spring also. Some of
my horses get ridden only once per month or so, they all go barefoot year
round and I use Eboots on them if I feel they need it for riding. Not all
horses need foot protection during riding. Try them, after you get the hang of
putting them on and off, you'll probably like them.
Leigh Preddy SE

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