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Re: Magnetic boots

Now that I've joined the "bad back" club, & am spending 3+ hours a day
in Seattle
traffic, my husband brought home the funniest looking "Massaging Back
Rest" pad
for the back of my seat (with heat & magnets".  As he was taking it out
of the box
I said "take it back it probably cost too much!"  Next morning I find it
Jeep!  So, OK, I try it, might as well --  let me tell
you, it's wonderful!  I can actually get Out of the vehicle after those
without groaning.  So, I'm beginning to be a believer in their
therapeutic value.

Connie H. wrote:

> I haven't used magnetic tapes on my horse, but a friend has on her navicular,
> former race horse and has had tremendous success.  I'm not sure about leaving
> them on during riding, but they seem to help the healing process while the
> horse is not being ridden.  Her gelding is ready to  get going on his trail-
> riding career and she feels the magnetic boots were definitely part of the
> cure.  In my own personal experience, I used a horse fetlock magnetic boot
> when I tore a ligament in my ankle two years ago.  I first tried rest,
> cortizone shots and anything else I could think of.  The same friend as above
> suggested magnetic tapes and between that and DMSO I was better in a matter of
> a couple of months (Finished the Tevis without any ankle pain this year!)  I
> would definitely advocate magnetic tapes.  The worst thing you can say about
> them is "they can't hurt".
> Sylvia

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