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Re: Magnetic boots

I haven't used magnetic tapes on my horse, but a friend has on her navicular,
former race horse and has had tremendous success.  I'm not sure about leaving
them on during riding, but they seem to help the healing process while the
horse is not being ridden.  Her gelding is ready to  get going on his trail-
riding career and she feels the magnetic boots were definitely part of the
cure.  In my own personal experience, I used a horse fetlock magnetic boot
when I tore a ligament in my ankle two years ago.  I first tried rest,
cortizone shots and anything else I could think of.  The same friend as above
suggested magnetic tapes and between that and DMSO I was better in a matter of
a couple of months (Finished the Tevis without any ankle pain this year!)  I
would definitely advocate magnetic tapes.  The worst thing you can say about
them is "they can't hurt".


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