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Re: Re Helmuts

Thanks for your reply Barbara.  Actually, I have had pysical therapy for
over ten years, three times a week, epideeral shots, etc. and when it 
went to THREE ruptured discs(the first one at school, the rest followed
over the course of ten years),  I have been under the care of Sinecare
in Daly City, and although I can(and do) still teach, it has been so
painful, I cannot ride at all and it's killing me!I WAS HOPING FOR AN
OPERATION,	but the doctors felt that three were too many.(I wish someone
had told me that TWO seemed to be the magic number , but I know that
even operations don"t  always work either). I guess I am desperate for
new ideas because I hate so much only breeding horses and NOT riding
them!!  Thanks for your response and perhaps someday I"ll see everyone
at a ride again!Maureen M.

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