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Our horses are in Dubai

They departed fromm Frankfurt at 2 in the morning on monday; loading process was
very borring : we arrived at 19:00 at the airport as requested, were waiting for
hours with our horses in the trailers for (I presume) them to check the
documents; then they loaded our luggages (at 10:30) ; then at 11:00 we were
allowed to go with the trailer near a big warehouse where the containers where
stored; then again 2 hours waiting (for what ????) before to be allowed to
unload the horses, walk them a little bit and finally load them in the

I forget to mention that the weather in Europe is very 'freezing' (minus 10
centigrade) and that we where waiting in the cold; the horse where wearing 2 or
3blankets; think about the t  difference (from -10 to +30).

At the arrival at Dubai, our grooms where waiting about one day for the luggages
and where not staying at the hotel (Jazirah) as foreseen; there are no paddocks
for turning them out as promised;

Let's hope that this will be fixed later

bye bye for now


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