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Re: helmets, seatbelts, etc...

Why limit it to helmets and seatbelts? Why not adding poor eating habits -
if you are overweight and want to buy a chocolate bar. We can have an
implied consent for unprotected sex. I could probably fill up ridecamp with
a long list of things we do to ourselves that cost other people money. Some
might even think that the risks of being anywhere close to a horse warrants
the waiver form.

Actually there have been serious proposals that would limit the ability to
sue for injury if you weren't wearing your seatbelt. They got no serious

Duncan Fletcher

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>Here is an idea beyond the fact that taxpayers ultimately must foot a
>bill for those who incur serious injury as a result of failing to wear
>proper safety gear in any sport....there should be a "waiver of public
>assistance" form. You sign it and you don't have to wear a seatbelt,
>helmet...nothing...but if you get hurt, once your money's out, you're outta
>luck, call Mr. Kevorkian & company. In what is supposed to be a free
>country, shouldn't this option be available? I for one would not want to
>live as a veggie or brain-damaged individual anyhow. We could even include
>this form as a prerequisite to buying alcohol, specifically stating that
>undersigned agrees that no public funds will ever be spent on medical care
>for him/her in the event he/she develops cirrhosis, etc...
>Gee folks, save the country millions of dollars and population control,
>And yes, I'm just kidding. Well, partially :)
>If you make people think they're thinking they'll love you...if you really
>make them *think* they'll hate you - Don Marquis

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