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Re: cowboys and helmuts

paddi wrote:
> We went riding last summer at a little place called empty town in
> Alberta.
> The cowboys we were with laughed at our  helmets. We told them they
> could laugh if they caught us and we would listen if they could stay
> with us. We all left together and  kicked into a trot after 1 mile we
> lost the first cowboy and after 3 we were all alone. :-D
> Rode the rest of the time with no helmet jokes.
> Paddi

Hello all:  I don't know how to post so I hope this gets on.  I ride
with a Troxel schooling helmet.  The main problem is a peculiar hamonic
at a certain wind velocity and vector which makes me sound like I'm in a
beehive (polite version; otherwise, exiting a certain digestive tube..) 
Anyone else with this problem?  My companions can hear it, which is
embarrassing enough, but it's worse from the inside..


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