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helmets, seatbelts, etc...

Here is an idea beyond the fact that taxpayers ultimately must foot a higher
bill for those who incur serious injury as a result of failing to wear
proper safety gear in any sport....there should be a "waiver of public
assistance" form. You sign it and you don't have to wear a seatbelt,
helmet...nothing...but if you get hurt, once your money's out, you're outta
luck, call Mr. Kevorkian & company. In what is supposed to be a free
country, shouldn't this option be available? I for one would not want to
live as a veggie or brain-damaged individual anyhow. We could even include
this form as a prerequisite to buying alcohol, specifically stating that the
undersigned agrees that no public funds will ever be spent on medical care
for him/her in the event he/she develops cirrhosis, etc...
Gee folks, save the country millions of dollars and population control, too.
And yes, I'm just kidding. Well, partially :)
If you make people think they're thinking they'll love you...if you really
make them *think* they'll hate you - Don Marquis

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