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Re: tripping & falling

Thank you for saying it better than I!  That's exactly what I was trying
to say.  Thinking about it today, I would add that if a horse is
scrambling in a muddy sort of place that I've found it a good idea to
give the reins away, grab mane and let them figure it out.

Karen Gehringer
Ormond Beach, Fl  

> 3) if you maintain CONTACT with a horse's mouth, and SUPPORT him when he
> stumbles, he is able to do the following:
> - he forms an arch with his spine from hind end through withers and neck
> to bit
> - he presses against the reins with his mouth
> - your contact becomes stronger, redirecting that pressure to a more
> rearward place on the horse (through your arms/body/seat) provided
> that's where YOU are, and not leaning forward
> - he flexes his arched spine upward, thereby elevating the withers and
> allowing him the ability to recover his balance and get his front legs
> back out in front of him
> keep in mind this means you have to start out in the right place and
> with some light degree of contact, or the deceleration will toss you too
> far forward to be of assistance to him.  the faster you're going, the
> less likely he can get himself back.
> it ain't about reflexes.

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