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FW: helmets

From: 	user
Sent: 	Monday, November 23, 1998 1:25 AM
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Subject: 	 helmets

The helmet didn't stop Christopher Reeves fall but it did help him!!! He is still alive and has his "wits" about him even though he might not be able to walk, etc.  He is still able to think and can be a productive member of society!  If he didn't have a helmet on, the odds are extremely high that he would have had a serious brain injury/ damage to add to his others.

If you do not want to wear a helmet, that's your CHOICE.  But it is foolish to think that it could never happen to you!!!!

I hope that if you choose not to wear a helmet and an accident does happen where you will not have the ability/time to react, that your friends and families will understand that you chose to end up with a brain injury that very possibly could have been prevented.

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