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Helmet Issue solved

Opinions are like assholes...everyboy has one and has the right to use it or not
use it and long as they don't bring anyone else along.


Joe Long wrote:

> On Sun, 22 Nov 1998 11:11:27 EST, wrote:
> >Joe this has nothing to do with helmets rather it is about you assuming to be
> >able to determine what is or is not foolish for someone, you do not know.
> Some things are a "no-brainer."  And if you continue to ride without a
> helmet, you may end up with no-brain!   ; ^ >
> ><How many sky divers jump without a reserve chute (or a helmet, FTM)?
> >Your arguments are not logical. If a sky diver jumps out of the plane he is
> >taking risks that he will only survive based on how effective his equipment
> >is. He cannot do it without equipment. I would want the best equipment money
> >could buy if I were to jump.
> They are very analogous.  Both are sports activities done for fun.
> Both involve risks.  Both have simple equipment that can manage those
> risks.
> >But I can ride a horse without any equipment at all and I have good chance to
> >survive.
> You can jump with one chute and no helmet and have a good chance to
> survive.  The helmet and reserve chute reduces risk.
> >Do not compare apples to oranges and then say it is logical.
> Yep.
> >People have had helmets for thousands of years. Look at the Roman soldiers
> >they wore helmets, they were just different from what we have today. They
> >deemed helmets necessary for fighting but not for riding.
> Those helmets were designed to ward off sharp edges (swords).  They
> didn't have shock-absorbtion technology.  Remember apples and oranges?
> >I do not need you have to think my decision is a smart one, I just ask that
> >you have enough manners to respect other peoples point of view. Calling
> >someone a fool is not something to do done lightly. My mom taught me not to
> >call names a long time ago.
> My  purpose is not to embarrass anyone, but to shock some people into
> re-thinking helmets.  If that makes some folks mad at me, but saves
> one life, it will be very well worth it.
> --
> Joe Long
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