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Re: Helmets Part VI, VII, VIII, & IX

In a message dated 11/20/98 10:10:00 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< I firmly believe we all have the right to ride as we choose and that right
 should be respected by people who choose to ride differently.  

It's peculiar, I expressed the exact same opinion to my husband about the LAW
requiring wearing seat belts in a car. He said that human injury sustained as
a result of accidents occurring while not wearing seat belts was not just a
personal matter, but of concern to everyone -- the impact on society, the cost
in taxpayers' money, etc. Yet I cannot convince him the situation is very
similar.  I think of the damaged lives of the loved ones if a person is
seriously injured -- the years of intense personal care that would be
involved.  If that impact could be prevented or diminished by the simple
wearing of a helmet, then I say it's worth what many consider an


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