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Hi, I just couldn't resist, sorry!  You don't see too many horses trip in
the pasture because they have very worn trails they know very well.  But I
have seen them trip and fall down quite often when they get to running and
playing, esp when it is muddy!   
Having ridden a horse that trips very seldom but when he does he is very
slow to recover, yes, helping him regain his balance with the reins has
helped him many a time from falling, but it seems after he is already going
down. I agree, when they first start to trip give them their head and they
usually can recover!
As for falling off, the worst wrecks in endurance riding are from horses
tripping and falling, esp going at speed.  Sorry, but you WILL fall off if
the horse goes down!
Louise Burton
Firedance Farms Arabians

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