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Fw: Ride off into the sunset, with/without your helmet on.

I own three helmets.. All different brands. I just hate my helmets... But
then again I never ever wear a hat of any kind. I only wear my helmet during
a real ride or when I ride with endurance friends... They will not ride with
me unless I have a helmet on.....

But all these posts have been a wake up call!!!!!!
I am rethinking my position on this.....
I am now going to be using a helmet for all my rides.... No matter how much
I hate them.

Thanks for all the true stories

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From: shermano <>
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Date: Sunday, November 22, 1998 1:29 AM
Subject: Ride off into the sunset, with/without your helmet on.

>TERESA:  You may have something there!  Non-helmet people may be judging
>helmets just by their perception of helmets or of helmeted people.
> My Troxel is so comfortable that I wear it when I'm driving my car to and
>from the ride, much to the chagrin of my kids. And I don't even notice it
>on, when I'm riding.
>     I would just say to you all, if you haven't tried a helmet lately, you
>should check 'em out... if you want.
>   Sherman

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