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Re: WEC:Deep sand/High Humidity

Truman, From another who has ridden both areas (and down to Tucson AZ), there are areas of sand out west that put what I encountered in Ocala and Southern Georgia to shame! It all depends on where you ride! I also found out (the HARD way) that the deep sand in Tucson is sometimes quicksand!!! I sure hope they don't have THAT at the WEC!
Stephanie McCray
Golden CO (transplant from Clemson -> Tucson -> Golden :-)
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From: Truman Prevatt <>
To: ridecamp <>
Date: Saturday, October 31, 1998 5:36 PM
Subject: Re: WEG:Deep sand/High Humidity

Oh Puleeese, I have ridden in southern Utah and that is not fine sand.
I have to chuckle when people talk about sand.  You want sand come to
the Ocala national forest.  I've ride both areas and there is no
comparison.  If it ain't hock deep it ain't sand.


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