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Re: WEC:Deep sand/High Humidity

To settle this matter somewhat.  I was there last
year...and I will tell you it was humid...not as
bad as Florida can be, but as bad as it usually is
for, say, the Old Dominion.  And, yes, everything
shuts down from 1 PM to 5 PM.  Everyone takes a
nap or sits in an air conditioned restaurant.
Even the banks are closed.

As far as the sand goes...just like here: if it is
packed, it's not bad, if you ride dunes, it is
knee deep.  The course sounds like a variety of
both.  I am sure it will be a challenge.

It was indeed a challenge to keep horses
hydrated.  TONS of ice water and eletrolytes. I am
sure it will be much the same this year.


Visions of the Wind wrote:

>  Truman, From another who has ridden both areas
> (and down to Tucson AZ), there are areas of sand
> out west that put what I encountered in Ocala
> and Southern Georgia to shame! It all depends on
> where you ride! I also found out (the HARD way)
> that the deep sand in Tucson is sometimes
> quicksand!!! I sure hope they don't have THAT at
> the WEC!:-) Stephanie McCrayGolden CO
> (transplant from Clemson -> Tucson -> Golden :-)
>      -----Original Message-----
>      From: Truman Prevatt
>      <>
>      To: ridecamp <>
>      Date: Saturday, October 31, 1998 5:36
>      PM
>      Subject: Re: WEG:Deep sand/High
>      Humidity
>      Oh Puleeese, I have ridden in southern
>      Utah and that is not fine sand.
>      I have to chuckle when people talk
>      about sand.  You want sand come to
>      the Ocala national forest.  I've ride
>      both areas and there is no
>      comparison.  If it ain't hock deep it
>      ain't sand.
>      Truman

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