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Re: Tall Riders

Robin, I agree.  I have owned and loved several shorter horses, 15.2 and
down to 14.3.  I am 6 feet tall and my Anglo-Arab is 16.2.  When I was
looking for a horse to use in endurance, people tried to talk me into
getting a shorter horse because it would make a "better" endurance horse.
What those people don't understand is that I don't feel balanced on a
smaller horse (anything under 15.3) and I am very uncomfortable.  I do not
have anything against the smaller horses, I just am not comfortable and
balanced on them.   As I am sure some 5 foot tall women would not feel
comfortable on my 16.2 hand horse.   I don't care if my 16.2 horse ever wins
anything - we have fun and that's the goal.  I also become somewhat offended
when people look at my horse and say over and over "she's so HUGE, she's a
GIANT, etc".  Its all relative.  A 15.2 hand horse may be "short" to me, but
I don't go around saying to the owners who dearly love their horse "your
horse is so SHORT, she's a SHRIMP".
Jan Mutchler
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>Still - Heidi, keep me in mind when your tall colt gets older!  I like
>to find horse between my calves before my feet touch!   {: O
>Robin, Northern Cal.

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