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Re: Tall Riders

Hi, Jan!

I have yet to buy my first horse (looking, though!) and would LOVE to
find an anglo the size of yours, that sounds marvelous!  Right now, I
ride at a nearby ranch, and have learned to be comfortable on
everything from thoroughbreds to small quarterhorses, as well as the
15-2 anglo-arab who's my "practice" endurance horse (not really
conditioned).  But it is definitely weird changing around - which part
of my leg is touching (or can reach) the part of the horse I want to
connect with?  You sure can't ride in automatic!

But, (and this is tongue in cheek), in northern Cal. we tend to ride
in wooded areas, and we need the smaller horses to get under the
branches!  While in Colorado, you probably need the taller one to go
over the cactus! {:Q

Well, I'm off - going to ride Diablo Vista this week-end on a
large-boned, muscular mustang, who makes up in barrel what she lacks
in legs ('tho she's probably 15-2).  LD only, so you don't have to
wish me luck. Newbys both of us!

P.S. My mother lives up the Poudre Canyon outside of Colorado - I'm
dreaming of some day going up for a visit and being able to do a local
ride while I'm there.  Then I'll get to dodge cactus and boulders, too! 

P.P.S. This has probably gone off-topic, so no more postings about
tall riders to ridecamp from me!

---Jan Mutchler <> wrote:
> Robin, I agree.  I have owned and loved several shorter horses, 15.2
> down to 14.3.  I am 6 feet tall and my Anglo-Arab is 16.2.  When I was
> looking for a horse to use in endurance, people tried to talk me into
> getting a shorter horse because it would make a "better" endurance
> What those people don't understand is that I don't feel balanced on a
> smaller horse (anything under 15.3) and I am very uncomfortable.  I
do not
> have anything against the smaller horses, I just am not comfortable
> balanced on them.   As I am sure some 5 foot tall women would not feel
> comfortable on my 16.2 hand horse.   I don't care if my 16.2 horse
ever wins
> anything - we have fun and that's the goal.  I also become somewhat
> when people look at my horse and say over and over "she's so HUGE,
she's a
> GIANT, etc".  Its all relative.  A 15.2 hand horse may be "short" to
me, but
> I don't go around saying to the owners who dearly love their horse
> horse is so SHORT, she's a SHRIMP".
> Jan Mutchler
> Colorado
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> From: Robin Everett <>
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> Date: Thursday, October 29, 1998 6:25 PM
> Subject: Tall Riders
> >Still - Heidi, keep me in mind when your tall colt gets older!  I
> >to find horse between my calves before my feet touch!   {: O
> >
> >Robin, Northern Cal.

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