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Horse Height

I had to get in on this discussion. I have a 15.2 hh Arab gelding. Granted
I just started him this year and he was fat and out of shape, but he
does a 5 mph walk. Now I also have a Arab/pony cross that looks
just like an Arab, very typy, who is 14.1 hh. I just started training her
and she can walk out at better then 7 mph! So height does not always mean
a ground eating stride! (And the Arab/pony is for sale) :-)

Lynette Helgeson

Abair, Ruth wrote:

> completion with maybe a BC obtainable with the type I have now? Translation,
> everyone knows greyhounds are built for speed, dachsunds are not. Putting
> all other factors aside,  a long legged steed eats more ground in a shorter
> period of time than a short legged steed. I know this from my Barrel Racing
> days many moons ago. Was Poetry indicative of "the way it is" or is it
> possible to have the "best of both worlds?"
> Thanks so much,
> Ruth and Classy in NE Texas (but mom, I'm trying aren't I?)
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