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Re: Too tall horse?

>  Easy to mount and dismount
>  Shorter distance to ground in case of an "emergency" dismount
>  Don't hit as many spider webs
>  Can go under more fallen trees without getting off
>  Less string on your sponge
>  Less grooming time

>PS This one needs Angie to comment

O.K. Here's my additions:

*You can get a good deal on a 6'6" trailer, since everybody wants'em 7'
tall now.

*If you get a 7' tall trailer, you can put in a loft for the hay.

*Short Arabs are cheaper, because everybody's hunting a 16 hand Arab.

*You won't be punished on Judgment day for claiming your 15'1" Arab was
16 hands.

*You don't have to have a step-ladder to get their picket line high

*You don't have to lift your saddle so high when you tack-on, tack-off,
tack-on, tack-off.

*He can't lift his nose out of reach when you're giving electrolytes.

*More fuel efficient.

*And my favorite:  Because it's so darned fun to out-trot an Even-tor
type on one of their blasted elephants with something that they classify
as a pony.


Angie McGhee & Kaboot
Wildwood, GA


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