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Re: Quest wormer

yes i had probblems   two times  you know to prove the situation is
repeatable- have to get the same test results more then once,

i gave quest to my gang 2 times.
allbut one did ok

my young gelding 7- had a very bad case of hives both times and was very
i loaded him up with abc detox, lots of vit e and c.
since i was not sure the situation owuld occur again, sort of thought
the drug would clear out what was ever in  his system and then he would
do ok the next time..not same thing  and maybe worse.
i used  the same stuff to fix him again and dosed him with msm and dmg
along with some homeopathics for allegies. and the abc super anti

so you know i wont be using that stuf again.

while i dont like it i will be going back to ivermectin  -been using
that sine it was invented and only given by the the vet in injection.

i will do a 2 doses per year maybe 4..
 this is sort of like the reported problems with stongid-c.. which i use
and will continue to use--
i wounder how many riders were able to repeat the problems associated
with strongid-c.
I did get a positive repeat of a known problem with quest- hive- an
allegic reation.

as far as i can tell all the horses are ok with no noted residual

i never had a problem with ivermectim.. so i go back with a time tested
proven product.

roger r

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