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National Geo TV Tevis Special

Susan,.. I called Nat'L Geo and Robin told me that the 
program has been sold to a syndicated and they have no
idea when or even if it wil be shown again.   It has been
shown a lot of times and I have no idea who the new
network owners are, or now to contact them.
I made a copy at the time it was broadcast on 17th Nov

>Sorry to stir up a hornets nest, :>(. No its not on yet, the air date I
>found was for the original showing. I sent an e-mail to Nat Geo to see 
>they could help. I will keep you all posted when I find it. Sorry
>face is red.
>Susan and the TWH mares!
>100 Cat Hill Farm
>Beavercreek,Oregon, U.S.A.
>   A canter is a cure for every evil.
>    Benjamin Disraeli

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