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Re: Endurance Prospect(s) -

Ruth,... I ride a 14-1 "typie" Mare that many other riders give great 
comments about how great she looks and goes.  I've won a few rides on 
her including the Tevis in 1998.  Incidently her Dam "mother" was also 
14-1 and was just like her a real pleasure to own and ride.  God's 
greatest gift to me, after life itself that is!
>Ruth, I'm sure you will be bombarded with answers to this one! :-) Both 
>of my horses are very 'typey' - my boy has the larger muzzles =
>Egyptian/Spanish look and is 15 hands, and my mare has the teacup =
>muzzled Crabbet look and is only 14 hands (if that). Both receive =
>unending comments about how pretty they are - and both are extremely =
>competitive! Don't give up on getting a pretty 'doer' - they ARE out =
>Stephanie McCray
>Golden, CO
>    -----Original Message-----
>    From: Abair, Ruth <>
>    To: 'RideCamp' <>
>    Date: Thursday, October 29, 1998 6:38 AM
>    Subject: Endurance Prospect(s) - "Decisions Based Upon Goals?"
>   =20
>   =20
>    Dear Ridecampers,
>   =20
>    Classy - my little 14.2hh steed - and I are the "wanna be's" that =
>    completed our first LD/25 in Poetry, Texas this year. My plans are 
>    continue riding Classy - he's 14 yo - in LDs, but eventually do 50 
>    before "I" get too old to enjoy the sport. Hence, sometime in the =
>    future, I will start looking for a youngster.=20
>   =20
>    When we did the Poetry ride; general observation noted that my =
>Classy was
>    just about the shortest and typiest - meaning extreme type - 
looking =
>    there. The majority of the horses looked more like the =
>    horse mare I gave up for this sport. And they - including some nice 
>    mules - were at least 15hh or taller! Now don't get me wrong, there 
>    some "very" nice looking animals competing that day. My hangup 
seems =
>to be
>    that I have gotten used to - and love - that "extreme" type look. =
>    I go with Classy they ooh and aah and fuss over him and it makes me 
>proud to
>    own an Arabian.
>   =20
>    Well, to the point now - and no flames please - but I'm beginning 
to =
>    if I have to sacrifice extreme type to get something that will =
>    eventually, top ten someday. And if top ten is "not my bag" then is
>    completion with maybe a BC obtainable with the type I have now? =
>    everyone knows greyhounds are built for speed, dachsunds are not. =
>    all other factors aside,  a long legged steed eats more ground in a 
>    period of time than a short legged steed. I know this from my 
Barrel =
>    days many moons ago. Was Poetry indicative of "the way it is" or is 
>    possible to have the "best of both worlds?"
>   =20
>    Thanks so much,
>   =20
>    Ruth and Classy in NE Texas (but mom, I'm trying aren't I?)       
>   =20
>           =20

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