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Re: Horse Height

No horse/mule/donkey is ever to tall or to short to do any distance
riding till they reach their full height and are tried.      Every
animal has to be judged when the time comes.   I ride horses that are
1 is 17.2 hh and weights 1700lb.  and he does great.   The 2nd one is
18hh and weights 1800 lb.  And he is only 6 years old and he is up to 30
miles in 5 hours.   And these horses are measured by an english
measuring cane with a level on it and weighted by the truck scales.  So
weight and height is correct.   Bigger horses/mules/donkeys take a
little longer to train to do the distance  but most of them can do it if
given the chance to train for it properly.

The heaviest horse to complete the Tevis Cup was 1800 lb.  An American
Warmblood.  1/2 Percheron and 1/2 A-rab.   So the biggies can do it.
If given the chance.

JMHO!!     : o)

Rebecca--Underwood Enterprizes--1-541-826-9668--Oregon
Home of the Treeless Saddle and other quality horse/mule/donkey and pet

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