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Re: Farriers Formula

Trish,.. Try the Dynamite Speciality Products - Dynahoof I been using it 
for years and love it!  Call Dynamite direct at 1-800-677-0919. They 
have a great line of products for animals.  I really like their Pre Race 
Pak I always use it during competition.

>Hey Trish,
>I can't help you with the other stuff you asked for, but can help on 
>biotin dosage.  The research project utilizing biotin was on the
>Lipizzan horses at the Spanish riding school in Vienna (that's just
>trivia).  They supplemented the horses with 15-20 mg per day for 
>years.  Some hoof supplements supply up to around 50 mg per suggested
>dose, but biotin is a B vitamin, water soluble and not stored to any
>significant amount by the body.  The equine body will only use about
>15-20 mg per day, anything beyond that is just flushed out into the pee
>I haven't been around alot of Lipizzans, let alone those at the Spanish
>Riding School (don't I wish), but my guess is that their average weight
>is probably around a thousand pounds, or maybe a bit more---so 15-20 
>a day for your 1000-lb horse should be sufficient as well.  There's no
>harm to feeding more than that, just no added benefit.
>BTW, be patient in looking for improvement in the hoof quality.  In 
>particular study, some of the differences in hoof quality weren't
>measurably improved/noticeable until the new hoof had grown down from
>the coronary band to the sole, which obviously takes awhile.  Also, all
>the changes were in hoof quality---growth *rate* was unchanged.
>As usual, probably more than you really wanted to know! :-D
>Susan G
>Trish Grant wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> I am looking for a phone number or a distributor for Farriers 
Formula. As
>> far as a distributor is concerned I would be looking for one closest 
>> the Canadian border preferably in the Vancouver area, as I live in 
>> Columbia and have access to bringing some goods across the border 
>> free.
>> Also has anyone used the supplement horse guard and if so could you 
>> give me some input on your thoughts.
>> One more thing, what is the recommended amount of biotin required to 
use a
>> as a maintaining source for an average 1000 lb horse who's feet are 
>> real bad by any means, but could use some biotin in his diet to help 
out a
>> bit.
>> Thank You all in advance.
>> Trish Grant

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