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Re: Farriers Formula

Hey Trish,

I can't help you with the other stuff you asked for, but can help on the
biotin dosage.  The research project utilizing biotin was on the
Lipizzan horses at the Spanish riding school in Vienna (that's just
trivia).  They supplemented the horses with 15-20 mg per day for several
years.  Some hoof supplements supply up to around 50 mg per suggested
dose, but biotin is a B vitamin, water soluble and not stored to any
significant amount by the body.  The equine body will only use about
15-20 mg per day, anything beyond that is just flushed out into the pee

I haven't been around alot of Lipizzans, let alone those at the Spanish
Riding School (don't I wish), but my guess is that their average weight
is probably around a thousand pounds, or maybe a bit more---so 15-20 mgs
a day for your 1000-lb horse should be sufficient as well.  There's no
harm to feeding more than that, just no added benefit.

BTW, be patient in looking for improvement in the hoof quality.  In this
particular study, some of the differences in hoof quality weren't
measurably improved/noticeable until the new hoof had grown down from
the coronary band to the sole, which obviously takes awhile.  Also, all
the changes were in hoof quality---growth *rate* was unchanged.

As usual, probably more than you really wanted to know! :-D

Susan G

Trish Grant wrote:
> Hi there,
> I am looking for a phone number or a distributor for Farriers Formula. As
> far as a distributor is concerned I would be looking for one closest to
> the Canadian border preferably in the Vancouver area, as I live in British
> Columbia and have access to bringing some goods across the border ship
> free.
> Also has anyone used the supplement horse guard and if so could you please
> give me some input on your thoughts.
> One more thing, what is the recommended amount of biotin required to use a
> as a maintaining source for an average 1000 lb horse who's feet are not
> real bad by any means, but could use some biotin in his diet to help out a
> bit.
> Thank You all in advance.
> Trish Grant

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