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Re: Horse Height

In a message dated 98-10-29 10:19:10 EST, you write:

<< Since someone asked about type for endurance horses I
 too have a question.  I have a 2yr old gelding that is already
 15.1hh and growing.  I feel he will be too tall for endurance.
 His confirmation is excellent and matches with his height.
 Good legs, neck, back he is very well put together.  It is just
 his height that concerns me.  (plus he has a great personality)
 I am a featherweight rider so I don't have to have a large horse.
 I just really like this guy.

It isn't that height is a problem--the problem that it is extremely rare to
find GOOD horses that also happen to be tall.  If this colt is truly balanced
and fits himself, that is what counts.  I have a dandy tall colt this year,
too, and I think he will make a fabulous horse for a really big person.  I
have never selected for height, but the best way to get quality big horses is
to select for quality, and just take height when it happens.


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