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Re: Horse Height

Hi Julia,
I think some people are too hung up on height here. Sure alot of the 
good endurance horses are under 15 hh, but there are just as many tall 
equines doing well. How tall was that mule that won the Haggins this 
I am a featherweight and ride a 16 hh full Arab gelding. He has terrific 
ground covering gaits and is fun to ride.  My husband competes on a 15.2 
hh Arab gelding. Both horses have 8+ inch cannons and I think that is 
important. I must admit I wish my horse was shorter so he would be 
easier to get back on out on the trail when I'm tired, but I am in the 
habit of looking for natural "mounting blocks" out there!  If you like 
your horse and he seems to have the talent don't let anyone tell you 
he's too tall.

>Hi all,
>Since someone asked about type for endurance horses I
>too have a question.  I have a 2yr old gelding that is already
>15.1hh and growing.  I feel he will be too tall for endurance.
>His confirmation is excellent and matches with his height.
>Good legs, neck, back he is very well put together.  It is just
>his height that concerns me.  (plus he has a great personality)
>I am a featherweight rider so I don't have to have a large horse.
>I just really like this guy.

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