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Re: The great drug debate

In a message dated 98-10-27 17:35:46 EST, writes:

<< Heidi,
 But when does an administered drug (such as bute) cease to exist in my
 horse?  If he's coming off an injury and all seems to be well again, how
 long until there's no longer any bute in his system?
 Cindy Eyler

It may take several days to weeks for levels to become undetectable.  My
question is this--if the injury was serious enough to require bute, why would
anyone want to return to competition before that time anyway?  It takes
considerable time for injuries to heal completely, and surely the injured
horse deserves the respect to get that time off from competition.  Some slow
work may well be part of the healing process, but that is a lot different than
competing in a ride.


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