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Re: The great drug debate

It really seems to me that a lot of people out there are so wanting to
do rides that injuries to the horse/mule/donkey are totally
over-looked.  Drugs are not given because the RIDER has a ride in 2
weeks that they want to go on.    Would you really want to go out and do
a 100 or 50 or 25 or, or, or,  with an eye infection  or any other

These are animals,   they do what we ask of them,   shouldn't we put our
desires on hold till the animal is really healed that we didn't have to
beat the clock to see if they are off the drugs before the ride.   And
then maybe the drug tests should also count the rider??    How many of
you out there can go on any distance rides with no drugs????

And I personally know of people that got their Tevis Buckle, and they
were 5 minutes over the time.  I will not name those names because of
the mentality of people of today that would probably demand that they
lose that buckle.    But trace the records back and you will find them.
Just like I did after they didn't want to give my husband a buckle for
being 2 minutes after the time because he helped a man with a broken
arm.   He now has that buckle.

Try thinking more about the animal that you expect to carry you over the
distance mileage before you with hold drugs that will make their
(animal) recovery a little more comfortable.

And yes I know I'm trying to sell products to the horse/mule/donkey
world,  but before you flame me try thinking about the animals before
you get out the fire.

Rebecca--Underwood Enterprizes--1-541-826-9668--Oregon
Home of the Treeless Saddle and other quality horse/mule/donkey and pet

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