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RE: Slant Loads

I was not going to comment since I have a stock trailer - but I cant help
it.  Divided straight load trailers are harder for horses going around
curves.  Sland load trailers (somewhat dependent on the slant) are harder
for horses when slowing down.  So if you drive a 2-horse take the corners
real slow, if you drive a slant do your best to slow down very gradually.

This is just a factor of the horses build - they can handle accelerations
in the direction of their body much easier.   Many horses who are used
to riding in a 2-horse have developed the habit of bracing on the butt-
chain &/or the outside wall - these horses may have more problems in
a slant because they cant brace in their usual way.  The back partition
of a slant load is easier for the horse because they usually have room
to manuever quite a bit more than the dividers allow so they can change
the direction of their body to match accelerations easier. 

Teresa and Grey Moun

P.S. This is much after the fact , but I think its important to 
maintain some kind of butt-chain if you remove a 2-horse divider,
I used a quick link to replace the divider chain hook when I used
to take mine out. 

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