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Re:Kids and Horses

Good for you,  It is not just at the horse events that children need to 
behave!  Interesting that good behavior is at it's best when  practiced 
on a consistant basis!

>I can't speak for everyone but I know that my kids enjoy going to any =
>equestrian event. I haven't ridden on an endurance ride yet but I would 
>think the same rules apply anywhere. If your children can't behave 
don't =
>bring them. I have four boys 14, 13,11,8 and my husband and I do not 
have =
>to constantly call them down at a Horseshow. I do two shows a month =
>through the spring and fall and usually my boys come with me. If asked 
>they will help out but mostly they stay way out of the way of others =
>showing. They also know that this is a privilege for them to come and 
if =
>they misbehave and create havoc they will be unable to attend. I have 
seen =
>people whose children do cause a great deal of problems. Example I was 
in =
>Raleigh , NC at the Horse Complex showing a young half Arab who had 
never =
>shown in doors. A child about 9years of age ran through above the lower 
>seating section punching the metal number signs, as I was trotting 
around =
>the ring. The sound reverberated through the complex. Needless to say 
my =
>mare went airborne at a high rate of speed along with a few other 
horses. =
>After my mare was back under control I had NO Problem telling that 
child =
>not to do that EVER AGAIN, and I was in the ring. It was only then I 
heard =
>his parents call him to sit down.  Some kids do not know the dangers of 
>playing around horses and some just don't care. If I see a child who is 
>going to potentially cause an injury to person or horse I have no 
trouble =
>getting involved.  Then again I have never been accused of being quiet 
and =
>shy. :)  Just my two cents. =20
>Nicole Huttar, NC

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