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Re:Kids and Horses

I can't speak for everyone but I know that my kids enjoy going to any equestrian event. I haven't ridden on an endurance ride yet but I would think the same rules apply anywhere. If your children can't behave don't bring them. I have four boys 14, 13,11,8 and my husband and I do not have to constantly call them down at a Horseshow. I do two shows a month through the spring and fall and usually my boys come with me. If asked they will help out but mostly they stay way out of the way of others showing. They also know that this is a privilege for them to come and if they misbehave and create havoc they will be unable to attend. I have seen people whose children do cause a great deal of problems. Example I was in Raleigh , NC at the Horse Complex showing a young half Arab who had never shown in doors. A child about 9years of age ran through above the lower seating section punching the metal number signs, as I was trotting around the ring. The sound reverberated through the complex. Needless to say my mare went airborne at a high rate of speed along with a few other horses. After my mare was back under control I had NO Problem telling that child not to do that EVER AGAIN, and I was in the ring. It was only then I heard his parents call him to sit down.  Some kids do not know the dangers of playing around horses and some just don't care. If I see a child who is going to potentially cause an injury to person or horse I have no trouble getting involved.  Then again I have never been accused of being quiet and shy. :)  Just my two cents.  

Nicole Huttar, NC

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