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Trailer opinons wanted

Hello folks who have been doing a bit of trailering!

I would really like to hear your opinions regarding what type of trailer 
to purchase, as, after sleeping in the back of my truck in 14 degree 
weather at Crystal Peak, I have decided I must make an investment in a 
gooseneck trailer with room to sleep and a heater & bathroom/shower.  The 
day after I returned from that ride, I moseyed around the Sundowner lot 
in Auburn, CA, looking at three-horse slant loads....

O.K.  So here are my questions:

1)  Aluminum vs. Steel:  The steel Trails West ran about $3,000 cheaper 
and had more storage.  I'm sure my 3/4 ton Chevy 4x4 diesel could pull 
just about anything, so I don't think weight is an issue. I've heard pros 
& cons re: aluminum.  One credible source has told me that the wood floor 
in the steel trailer absorbs more shock for the horses.  My boyfriend 
says he can weld in various amenities.  But, the steel trailer will take 
more care in the long run, and, I am told, the aluminum would hold its 
value. What do you think?

2) Mangers vs. no mangers:  Would you prefer mangers for feed, etc., (and 
the wonderful benefit of storage underneath), or no mangers?  What are 
the pros & cons of this?

3)  Double doors in the back vs. a large single door (if you had no rear 
tack).  What do you think would be best?

4)  Is it OK to go without an escape door in the first stall?

5)  And, last but not least, how tall should the trailer be?  Besides 
considering the horses, do you folks with goosenecks actually sit up in 
the beds and read, etc.?

I am REALLY looking forward to your opinions on this!

Mary Abbott
Grass Valley, CA

P.S:  By the way, I really enjoyed the Crystal Peak ride.  So did my 
horse, despite the icicles hanging from his whiskers during the first 
part of the ride!

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