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Re: Sports Saddle


I'm 5'6", 115 lbs with average length legs.  I first borrowed a
training/schooling model after my OF didn't fit my mare.  In her first
competition with it she got BC.  I didn't like the suede covering at all,
nor the chair seat that the stirrups in the normal position engendered.  I
then ordered the  endurance model 14.5" with the stirrups set back 1/2", I

It was the regular 2" cantle.  The saddle seemed fine to me as far as the
knees went, since the stirrups are free-swinging in contrast to most
Western fixed fenders.  I sort of wanted the higher cantle to "catch" me a
little more in the uphills.

I sold it to a friend after lending it to her for quite a while, and her
husband would ride in nothing else.  Now her husband isn't riding and it's
for sale.

Anyway, I rode for a long time in a Passier all purpose which I had
restuffed 4 times in a year to fit my horse's changing back.  After a tough
50 she had horrible edema below the withers, so I retired that saddle for
now in exasperation and bought a used Sports Saddle over the Internet.  The
current one is the endurance model but with the reiner front and 3" cantle.
The training model has the reiner front, by t he way.

I use biothane leathers, cinch, and Easy Ride stirrups, a 1" Skito pad, and
the stirrups are moved back the same distance.  These saddles sell easily
on the used market so I wouldn't worry about resale with customization.

If I had it to do over again, I would get the 15" seat, because my thigh
length means that I hit the pommel more than I would like with the stirrups
in the correct length for my mare, not because of the size of my butt!

and Rem-member Me

I started
m hoping to get a SS for Christmas but am getting more and more confused
>on which to order.  *I* am also 5'6", legs are not neccessarily short, but
>my knee joints do get sore after 15 to 20 miles.  I have been riding in a
>traditional western saddle (which might be the whole knee problem)(oh, and
>I do post).
>I was going to order the Schooling and Training model with stirrups set
>back, but having never tried the SS at all, I don't know if I should
>neccessarily do that.  After reading thru ridecamp archives, it just seemed
>the best thing to do.  Now I wonder.
>Does the youth cut have a smaller seat as well.  What exactly is the
>I'm just afraid of the non-returnable thing.  I don't want to get stuck
>selling one.  I just want to be really happy with the one I choose, the
>first time.
>>Yes, yes, yes!  The youth cut worked for me. I am 5'6" also, but only about
>>1/3 of that is
>>legs.  My husband loved that saddle anyway, so he took it over, I ordered
>>another with
>>the youth cut option - it is perfect.  I have my stirrups set in the normal
>>position.  I rode
>>in one with the stirrups set back, my knees felt more stressed, so I
>>decided to stick
>>with the normal placement.  I think the freedom of the leg movement seems
>>to be the
>>key if you have short legs & not-so-good knees.  My dressage saddle didn't
>>hurt my
>>knees either.
>>Good luck, when you get it right you'll love it along with your horse.
>>>I too have 'been struggling to find the perfect saddle, and have noticed
>>that my horse definitely prefers the SportsSaddle.  However, my knees don't.
>>>I noticed that Sports Saddle offers a youth cut option that is designed
>>for riders under 5'3" or those that want greater freedom of movement in
>>their stirrups.  I'm 5'6"; but was wondering if anyone had experience with
>>this modification and what their experiences are regarding freedom of leg
>>movement.  (My dressage saddle doesn't hurt me at all.)
>>>Similarly, I was wondering if I could get feedback on a 1" setback on
>>stirrup leather placement and whether the saddle felt more balanced or
>>knees less stressed.
>>>You can email privately at
>>>Thanks for your help.

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