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LD sponging

I just want be darn sure that folks who participatge in LD sponging are still recognized as REAL Spongers.  None of this "trainee" stuff!  I mean just because some of us don't have the time or the desire to do the Big Spong-offs doesn't mean that we should be put down for our choice.  Some people might have physical problems or something or maybe they're just "old" (not me, of course).   And I don't like the way some people might treat the LD spongers, like we should pull over and let the big shots shoot first!   Don't even GO THERE!
And I don't think we should even START talking about money prizes!   That would totally denigrate the sport!  This is about love, dedication, purity of purpose, attention-getting, ego satisfaction, gloating and NOT filthy lucre!
I love the idea of trotting around casinos on stick horses flinging wet sponges on strings at rain puddles, pools of antifreeze from boiled-over Winnebagos, and abandoned highballs (that's the drinks, not physical attributes).  Reno is the kind of place where this would really catch on fast.
Lucy Trumbull
(Ann Blankenship would never write this type of drivel)

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